Core Certification Courses – CIP™ I Certification – Course 1

Faculty: Edson Ito

The fundamentals course for those just starting out in CI. Find creative, proven ways to develop the most timely intelligence on your competitors and on your market. Learn real-time, on the ground, ethical collection techniques.


In this fundamental competitive intelligence course, taught for over 30 years to analysts, managers, planners and researchers of nearly every large corporation globally, you will learn creative and ethical ways to develop timely intelligence on your competitors and markets. Using case studies you will:

  • Benchmark actual business practices and costs of competitors
  • Anticipate a company’s near-term tactical moves
  • Learn how and if a competitor can actually execute on its strategy
  • Construct an early warning approach to monitor a rival’s changing product, service and market shifts
  • Cut through a competitor’s smokescreen to accurately anticipate and prepare for a competitor’s new product roll out

Do you need to . . .

  • Learn the difference between data, information and intelligence and how they apply to your business?
  • Understand the legal and ethical information-gathering limits your organization must know?
  • Know how to better use the Internet for gathering and locating intelligence?
  • Use creative or unusual sources for determining competitive costs, operational or strategic intelligence?
  • Critically select useful and sometimes unusual sources?
  • Learn how apply fundamental social networking skills to uncover or allow you access to experts?
  • Apply specialized interviewing techniques for acquiring pinpoint information — even from senior managers?
  • Gather trade show or conference intelligence in the most effective manner?
  • Appreciate and distinguish among “information agendas” and how to qualify valuable published information?
  • Identify and apply the most effective ways to motivate your entire organization to gather and communicate intelligence?

The mission of ACI is to help companies and managers compete more effectively via the superior use of the competitive intelligence perspective. The Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive intelligence is the only educational institution in the space of CI training to be accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).