ADVS Brasil is a consulting company associated with the French ADVS, focusing on Anticipative and Collective Intelligence. ADVS aims to help clients develop anticipative competences and implement Strategic Environmental Scanning processes, so that companies are able to capture, forecast and be ahead in the identification of threats and opportunities, transforming them into effective results to the business, We work with different types of industries, helping companies become skilled in listening to the external environment. We implement collective intelligence processes targeted at the company’s areas of strategic interest, no matter if they are related to customers, competitors, suppliers, new technologies or other players that influence the business. Our belief and experience show that the ethical use of public information is sufficient to identify anticipative signs that make companies have a strategic differential in the market where they operate.


Where did we start

Beginning with Prof. Humbert Lesca: More than 20 years ago, Professor Lesca, from University of Grenoble – France, started his researches on search and use of strategic and anticipative information by organizations.

Evolution: Since then, we’re evolving the concept and deploying methods and practices of anticipative strategic monitoring through interaction between companies and Universities.

Works: The Lesca team introduced in several companies of different sizes and industries the L.E.SCAnning™ method for creating tools of Anticipative Strategic Monitoring and Collective Intelligence – VAS-IC™.

In the last 10 years the Lesca team from University of Grenoble has developed work with researchers from FEA-USP in Brazil. From this connection, the ADVS-Brasil was born.


How we work

L.E.Scanning™ Method

Our team is experienced in deploying the L.E.Scanning™ method adapting it to the needs of Monitoring and Anticipative Intelligence of each organization, making it a live and dynamic process.

Even though apparently the intelligence capture and treatment methods are standardized and are depicted in several articles and administration books, the identification and effective use of strategic information is a unique process, scarcely practiced inside organizations.

How we can help you?

Given that we can:

  • Help disclose and evaluate the needs concerning strategic analysis and anticipative strategic intelligence.
  • Assess the Anticipative Strategic Intelligence contribution to the productive process of generating value to the company (or a company’s unity).
  • Help building a process of introduction of Anticipative Strategic Intelligence process.
  • Adapt the company’s Competitive Intelligence standard tool to its operational conditions.
  • Update and modernize an already existent tool.
  • Capacitate the company, through training, to perform internally the different stages of the intelligence process.
  • Feed the company’s planning process with relevant strategic informations for scenarios and actions formulation.

War Games

Based on proprietay methodologies from Prof. Benjamin Gilad, pioneer of Business War Games with a great number of followers in several industries, companies and continents. Through the partnership between ADVS and Ben Gilad, we can make war games or, through the ADVS-ACI courses, we can train people from your company how to perform War Games. As pioneer, ACI trained many, including its current competitors.


Scenario Analysis

The technique of Scenario Analysis have been successfully used for developing prospective views of companies’ competitive scenarios. The Scenario Analysis is based on the identification and analysis of drivers  the agents, forces and/or tendencies that will impel a change in the competitive scenario. Drivers might include shifts on regulations, competitor’s behaviour, industry’s concentration and other external forces upon which the organizations have little to no control. The Scenario Analysis technique allows to discuss the evolution of these drivers in the competitive environment and build a prospective view of the competitive scenario. We can execute Scenario Analysis sessions within companies, or through ADVS-ACI courses we can train people from your company how to apply scenario analysis technique.

Some Clients’ Comments

These comments illustrate the difference of perception before and after deploying an Antecipative Strategic Intelligence process:

“When I was assigned to take a project of Antecipative Monitoring, I was afraid. I saw myself confused… I didn’t know where to start and what to do! You made me find out that there is a simple way to do it… and in few sessions.”
“After all, the usefull Strategic Monitoring informations are less numerous than what I thought and feared, but they are superior in quality. And they are effectively used.”
“We’ve just found a ‘gold mine’… and a big one. There is a lot of money behind this!” (final comment of a business unit’s director)