Advanced Certification Course – CIP™II – Course 6

Faculty: Fernando de Almeida – Founding Partner ADVS Brasil, Coordinator: MBA Inteligência Estratégica Fipe, Professor FEA/USP

Prerequisite of Competitive Blindspots highly recommended.


A war game WAR (Way Around Risk) Gaming is a uniquely structured battle of minds between teams representing various rivals in the industry. We start the course with a theoretical framework for understanding industry evolution, deciphering competitor behavior and generating strategic options, and then progress to application using real data to the point of making market forecasts checked against real events.

On Day One, we lay the framework for analyzing the industry, evaluating the company’s strategic position, and predicting competitor vulnerabilities. Day Two is devoted to an analytical battle between teams, similar to a chess game, and concludes with the most likely competitor scenarios and formation of specific action recommendations. Combining theory and practice, you will learn to:

  • Role-play competitors with the most cutting edge techniques
  • Learn to run both “Landscape” and “Competitor Response” war games
  • Make the most accurate predictions of third parties’ moves
  • Understand all the steps needed to organize and play effective games
  • Understand precisely the role of intelligence in a war game

Do you need to . . .

  • Predict your competitors’ strategies and actions for the next year?
  • Predict industry evolution path for the next 1-3 years?
  • Learn to develop creative strategic options and think like an entrepreneurial company?
  • Update executive participants (during a management retreat) with the latest developments in your competitive arena and the resulting implications to your company’s future?
  • Assess the competitive environment before the strategic planning cycle begins?
  • Identify your company’s strategy weaknesses?
  • Learn to track competition in emerging industries?
  • Shift management’s attention to an external focus?
  • Introduce competitive thinking into marketing, research, and business development plans?
  • Assess your rivals’ technological, commercial strategies, as well as your customers’ future directions?

The mission of ACI is to help companies and managers compete more effectively via the superior use of the competitive intelligence perspective. The Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive intelligence is the only educational institution in the space of CI training to be accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).