Executive in the areas of finance and strategic management, with solid experience in leading multinational companies in the global market.

In the area of Competitva Intelligence (CI), he pioneered in Brazil by adapting and integrating Shell’s robust methods of scenario development into a CI process. This has enabled rapid and more accurate responses to decision makers in the face of the challenges the business environment presents. Provided early warnings of risks and opportunities and assessed relevant trends from key competitors. Important strategic decisions have been taken in the light of this work and several of the scenarios elaborated for many years are valid until today, proving the consistency and the quality of the methods used.

He holds a degree in business administration, a master’s degree in finance and business economics from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), an MBA in Corporate Finance from the FGV and a postgraduate degree in economic analysis from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). He has several extension courses in Brazil and abroad, such as Harvard Business School, Fuld Gilad Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence, among many others. He is a guest professor at UFRJ, ESPM-RJ and University of São Paulo (USP), where he teaches MBA classes.

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